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Better Sleep Starts Here With Rosefoam

Spring Mattress
These come in two categories Bonnel spring and Pocket spring
High density
These come in two categories High density and High density smart
These come in two categories Orthopedic and Fit sleep mattress

Introducing Rosefoam Pillows for comfort

For comfort, Rosefoam has a wide variety of pillows  these include fiber pillows, ordinary pillows, breast feeding pillows, pregnancy pillows among others.


Built with science, made for sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your rest and physical recovery.  Trouble sleeping? The solution is Rosefoam Mattress. Healthy sleep, Healthy mind.

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It’s Like Sleeping On A Cloud

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s  sleep.

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Good Sleep, Better Aging

A good night’s sleep begins with a great mattress

spring mattress
Spring mattress
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Rosefoam mattress Uganda's most popular brand

Sleep well and live well. Sleep long  enjoy everlasting physical Health.

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What people say about our products?

"Truthfully, no words can let you know just how amazing the customer service is."

I visited the out let in Mbalala and the care was good and they offered me delivery free to Arua.

Oluk William
"Rubaga Road outlet."

This depot is very accessible and they were able to show me variety of mattresses. But i will buy next week when i get my salary

Abdul kyeswa
"Am seeing your truck in Manafa "

Can i buy from your truck like the way we buy bread from trucks or i got to your shops?

Mukwasi ken256
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