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about us

Our History

Royikems Industries Ltd (RIL) is a Ugandan reputed company which started its journey on 25th November 2013. RIL is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of a comprehensive range of Products including Mattresses and disposable plastics in Uganda and Africa at large.

Royikems Industries Ltd has a variety of subsidiary companies that manufacture different products. These includes; Rosefoam the manufacturer of high quality Mattresses.

At Royikems Industries we are passionate about the importance of a regular and consistent sleep pattern and how this can affect quality of life of our customers. The founder wanted to create a different kind of mattress company with the Rosefoam brands which is true to quality excellence and durability and Health considerations.

Our company’s belief is simple “A good night’s sleep begins with a great bed”. Our job is to provide our customers with the best suited mattresses for them at the most affordable price possible.

Another subsidiary of the industry is Five Star Plastics, At Five Star, we manufacture a wide range of disposable plastics including cups and plates. We use the best technology and recently we were certified by ISO 9001: 2015 as a proof for our quality and excellence. We are an industry that can be relied upon for all your disposable plastic needs.

Core Values
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Team work

Inspired By Blissful Sleep

Our Mission
  • To produce diversified high quality products that are durable and affordable through efficient distribution systems as we place values on our stakeholders
Our Vision
  • To be the leading manufacturer of high quality products in East and Central Africa.
Our promise
  • We will always be friendly, approachable, warm and caring. We promise to always listen to our customers first and give good advise based on our customers’ needs
  • We promise to make our products and services as affordable as possible. So as many people as possible can enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • We will passionately strive to significantly improve the sleep quality of our customers. We promise to only provide quality products. Sourced ethically
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