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Pocket Spring

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Pocket spring units are offering optimal dotted body. The foam layer is additionally softening body pressure.

Suitable for homes and hotels


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In this kind of spring units, every spring is packed in separate „pocket“ put together in column with other pockets making integral complex. Springs are with smaller diameter so
there are more springs in one spring unit than in classic bonnell system. That is the reason why this kind of spring units are offering best possible „dotted“ elasticity comparing with all other spring units. Packing in small separate pockets this kind of spring units are more silent. They increase comfort by separate spring reacting on body weight pressure giving proportionally support.
COMFORT – pocket spring units are offering optimal „dotted“ body support reacting only on loaded springs while others are keeping still. PU foam layer is additionaly softening body pressure.
REINFORCEMENT – mattress edges are reinforced by PU foam
COMFORT high quality layer of PU foam guarantee additional hardness and durability
AIRFLOW this model has 3D tape which is enabling better airflow
FABRIC – high quality Viscose anti-bacterial fabric is preventing mite and microorganism development

1 review for Pocket Spring

  1. Asuman kato

    Whats the difference between pocket spring and bonnel spring?

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